I´m  from México city,  I went to the of University of the arts of London. After  traveling around the world and doing many jobs I finilally found my passion, I created MAM Boutique a store specialized in Mexican design, also I just launched my own fashion label Señorita Aubert , which brings me to  my favorite part :"Being a style and beauty content creator"

Fashion Entrepreneur, Style influencer who loves to travel, mix and match great looks, try new things and discover hot spots.


Before I decided to study fashion I went and Lived in Ireland as an Au Pair. While watching a tv show I discovered I wanted to become an Image consultant. After  working with many clients, I didn't feel that was my real passion so I did some fashion styling for  Cosmopolitan, Audi Magazine and many other projects but that was still not what I was looking for... So I began my blog at the same time as I did a day job as a personal assistant in a software company. After a while I quit to begin with my boutique and my blog... the rest is history...

Before Everything started...


I love to give empowering and motivetional speachess.I love to be involved in bussiness development and know more about culture, art and what is happening around the world...As a side note, I did some karate when I was young and won 3rd  place at nationals.  Not to brag but ,yeah I loved it.Kushiague and hopi are my fun companions , 2 cats sisters.

What you don't know...

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