creative DIRECTOR / Visual Artist

MICHELLE AUBERT is creative by nature, involved in the fashion industry since 2011 beginning her career as a content creator and better known as an influential fashion personality in Mexico. Her love for fashion and design has led her to work with international luxury brands, her work and her experience have led her to develop incredible projects as a content creator, international communication consultant and owner of a concept store. As a creative person, she has not limited herself to working only with fashion, but photography has become one of her most important forms of expression.


"PANDEMIC ILUSSION" is a macro-scale photographic project that arises from the need to get out of step with everything everyday, from this repetitive situation in which human beings find ourselves trying to find acceptance through ephemeral media and platforms that only have us led to settle for likes, and in some cases we have reached mental disorders due to unnecessary stress to continuously compete, for things that sometimes are not real or do not exist, that do not bring us joy on the contrary. From her personal experiences Michelle Aubert wants to create a dialogue between common objects that we simply discard every day but that are useful for our existence, trying to connect with the source, with our senses and with the appreciation of the things that surround us. taking an image to multiple interpretations distorted by an optical illusion that leads the subject to make their own interpretation.