The most frequently asked question is, “What are you doing now?”

It’s not a simple answer - I’ve been doing a lot of different things.

I have three primary work streams:

  1. Content Direction & Creation -  I work with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel brands focused on luxury content.

  2.  ArropArte Atelier- A new sustainable fashion studio. 

  3. Consulting - on all types of different things.

In addition to these projects, I do collaborations and brand partnerships.

Retrato de estudio colorido
Modelo de traje verde

Arroparte Atelier

Founder of a sustainable fashion studio, as a Creative Director I Re-Design current pieces, transforming them into a more updated version. Without buying a new piece of garments, using just the best materials and craftsmanship to make a simple piece into a work of art.


Aubert has created great digital visual concepts. After have worked with private clients and international brands like, Pomellato, Longchamp, Damiani, Pinterest, to name just a few. Her vision to develop visual stories is one of the skills that she most enjoys.